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Bend Over! (7 Tales of Lesbian Spanking)

What woman doesn't like the occasional spanking (if only in our imaginations)?
Bend over and imagine if you will:

  • A married woman and mother who craves her torrid lesbian past and the strong hand of discipline.
  • An innocent office junior cajoled into a spanking lesbian threesome.
  • An out-of-work actress who takes a job as a stripper, not fully realising what's involved.
  • A young woman swept out to sea by a beautiful siren on a yacht.
  • A woman who spanks her husband's female boss to secure his promotion and gets far more in return.
  • A solicitor out for revenge on the woman whom bullied her as a schoolgirl.
  • A college student punished by her professor for her A-Grade result!

Whether you fancy a serious 'bit of rough' or a playful encounter, these spanking stories will fit the bill. So join Bailey, Paula, Sarah, Colleen, Susan, Ellene and Cassandra while they have their bottoms tanned and in the process learn something about their character. There are dish fulls of humiliation, copious amounts of bullying and of course, the inevitable punishments for disobedience! Thankfully the girls leave these encounters with a sense of sexual fulfilment. After all, these stories are intended to be erotic, not brutal. Not that all of my girls get off lightly…

Class Reunion
Sarah had come dressed as a young schoolgirl, looking for someone like Jadine—a harsh schoolmistress who could satisfy Sarah's masochistic craving for a good old-fashioned spanking. Jadine obliged, punishing Sarah to the limit of her endurance. Afterwards, instead of malice Sarah felt only gratitude for the woman who had made her writhe in pain. So she thanked Jadine the best way she knew how…

Skirt Up Friday
Paula the new office junior is strongly attracted to her boss, Kathryn. Following two whirlwind encounters at work it becomes obvious that Paula's feelings are reciprocated. Or are they? And where does Laura fit in? It soon becomes clear to the innocent girl that Kathryn expects much more than romance. Much more!

Sarah Strips
Sarah badly needs a job, but the only vacancy is for an exotic dancer. A stripper! Swallowing her pride Sarah applies, lying about her experience and even her bust size. In order to improve her performance, Tanya—an experienced exotic dancer offers to help Sarah become 'sexier'.

Call of the Siren
The holiday was a fresh start for Colleen, a time to shake off her small-village upbringing and embrace her adventurous streak. From topless sunbathing to skinny-dipping in the turquoise sea, to a sensual body-to-body oil massage. The raunchy adventure is only just beginning…

Spanking Susan
When Anton cannot decide between two candidates for promotion, the vile man offers their respective wives a chance to secure the coveted position by 'sleeping' with him. Jayne flatly refuses and appeals to Susan, Anton's boss. Susan agrees to help but makes an indecent proposal of her own!

The Worm Turns
Ellene has Julia Pemberton—former school bully and her teenage nemesis naked and draped over her knees waiting for the revenge spanking she deserved. After many years Ellene is convinced that she is about to have the last laugh, but she had forgotten how manipulating Julia could be.

A-Grade Student
In Alison's experience, a lazy student will do anything to get her grades improved and the lusty college professor is willing to take advantage. How does Alison respond when she's keyed up on results day and one of her best students walks through the door?


In the Pipeline!


In the Pipeline!

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