Ticket to ride

Ticket to Ride

Edited by Beverly Langland

Heat level: Any, but explicit erotic content required
Submission limit: Two per author
Pairings: Any
Submission Deadline: 7th November 2016
Word Count: 3,000-6,000

Trains, Planes, Automobiles… Whatever your preferred mode of transport, you may have come across or thought about an erotic situation. I am looking for tales which involve sexual encounters on all forms of transport (particularly public transport – hence the title of the anthology).

The nature of transport often means that people are confined in small spaces for long periods of time. In these small interiors, any erotic contact intensifies and becomes hot and steamy. Trains with the constant rhythm and clatter of the wheels on the rails, side-to-side motion and sense of entrapment between stations. The confined spaces of aeroplanes, crowded buses and busy underground carriages. Cars parked under trees, with a view across the fields? Or down a quiet mews at dead of night? Or even furtively in a queue on the motorway? Lovers beguiled by the magnificence of large sailing ships, small yachts or even cross-channel ferries! Tractors… Use your imagination and try and stay away from the obvious!

I would like to encompass a range of diverse characters, genders, experience and sexual orientations. Sex-positive stories only please. Happy for now (HFN) optional. What I am seeking is stories of high quality with strong character development and good pacing. A focus on plot, with characters that make us laugh, cry and/or squirm in our seat. The story should be the reason the characters interact intimately. Sex should not be the reason for the story!

Usual restrictions apply. Please no: incest, rape, underage sex, necrophilia, bestiality (for this anthology, not even shape shifters), scat, golden showers or gratuitous violence.

Professional quality – Your best stories only please. Submit only complete and fully-edited stories.
12pt Times New Roman, double-spaced. No extra spaces after paragraphs.
Stories must be exclusively written by the author. Please no reprints.
Submit with the subject line: Ticket to Ride – [title of your story] and attach as a word document. Include a word count and short story description in the body of your email. Send to: ticket@langland.me.uk

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